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the sagas of
Early Emigrants
along Wyoming’s
Historic Trails

Independence Rock
by W. H. Jackson
courtesy Scotts Bluff National Monument


A Video Journey..

through old letters, diaries and journals, newspapers, sketches and photographs from the early and mid-nineteenth century.

Courageous pioneers braved attacks by outlaws and Indians, natural elements and many challenges.

It is their stories, pulled along continuous lines of wagons on the Oregon, California, Mormon, Cheyenne-Deadwood and Bozeman Trails, that transport us back to the settlement of the West.


– – – Oregon, California, & Morman Trails
– – –
Cheyenne / Deadwood Trail
– – – Bozeman Trail

1. Fort Bridger
2. Fort Phil Kearny
3. Fort Reno
4. Fort Casper
5. Fort Fetterman
6. Fort Laramie
7. Fort D. A. Russell




The Cheyenne-Deadwood Trail

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The Oregon-California Trail
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