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70 Winning Patterns,
Plus the Chance to
with the Bonus Ball!

As a player, you can purchase tickets in virtually unlimited amounts. Simply enter the control number from the ticket into any station and select the card(s) and level(s) you want to play, it’s that easy. You can play from one to 9 cards (in your choice of patterns), in multiple levels of play. Play nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar or dollar cards, each increasing the payout amounts per level. You can also choose to increase or decrease the speed of play through player options that are easily accessible by the touch of a button. You can even increase the size of cards for easier viewing! Winning patterns will display in green, but if your pattern includes the Bonus Ball, the pattern displays in red and DOUBLES your payout! When you have to leave, you simply take your ticket to the cashier for immediate redemption.



Patrons can win with 70 regular bingo patterns and, if they include the Bonus Ball (shown in Black), the payout DOUBLES and the pattern displays in red!




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