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Design Overview

Your nonprofit or charitable organization can raise substantial revenue by featuring Double Up Bingo at your location. Typical sites range from as low as 5 stations up to 20 stations or more. Full reporting capabilities allow you to stay current on play activity at all times. For more information on revenue potential, please contact a knowledgeable representative.


The system consists of an efficient combination of the latest in hardware, software, and connectivity options available today. The architecture is designed to take full advantage of current technology and to position the system for new developments in these areas. Upgrades and maintenance are ongoing and remotely deliverable, a function that saves you time, money, and minimizes patron distraction. International versions may be available in your area.


Select the level (cost per card), then select up to 9 cards to play, then press play, that’s all!




Game management is easy and intuitive!

Game station Patrons can choose
to play up to 9 cards at a time
on multiple levels… quickly!


  • Superior Architecture
  • .NET Technology
  • Low Maintenance Infrastructure
  • Reliable Design
  • Easy to Manage
  • Easy and Fun to Play!



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