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Custom E-Stationery






Just think what an impact it will be when someone opens your mail and there is your logo in full color – the results are impressive! Have your letterhead converted into E-Stationery to use within your email application.

E-Stationery is used exactly the same as you would use any other stationery template – there are no attached files – it is formatted into the background of your email. It works with all email applications.

Here are samples below using E-Stationery with Outlook Express. Click the thumbnails below to see an enlarged view of the E-Stationery:



For more information just email me today with your design requirements.
The cost is only $50 to have your letterhead converted.

Here’s some tips to keep in mind:

  • White backgrounds work best – a colored background  is pretty but will increase download time
  • Your stationery is for viewing purposes only,  Recipients will not be able to print it out.
  • E-stationery works great in Outlook Express and Outlook, Express 6 and Windows XP.
  • If you send E-stationery to a person using a NON-HTML mail program such as AOL, Yahoo, Eudora Light and Juno the stationery will be received as an attachment. Anyone with Windows installed has Outlook Express installed also. Once they see what they’re missing they’ll usually switch to Outlook Express or use it as a secondary mail program.


Email me today for details.




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