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Beef and Lamb
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Double Diamond
Certified Organic
Beef and Lamb

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Double Diamond Ranch is a small family farm located in the high desert foothills of the Wallowa Mountains of northeastern Oregon. Our pastures are irrigated by snowmelt from the Eaglecap wilderness. We have been certified organic by Oregon Tilth since June 2000. The animals are humanely treated and never confined except the lambs which spend their first two days of life indoors to insure a healthy start and bonding with their mothers. Our annual crop of about 300 lambs and 30 beef is butchered from late July thru September. For the retail customer we offer two modes of purchase:

1. Cryovac packaged frozen meat can be ordered year-round by
    e-mail or phone.  Bear in mind the selection gets smaller as the
    year progresses.

2. Local customers may order half or whole animals in-season to be
    processed via mabil slaughter and local custom cutters.



Inquire by phone, e-mail, or regular mail. Shipping at customer’s expense.




    Naturally… No hormones, antibiotics, by-products, GMO’s, feedlot, or irradiation…
Double Diamond Ranch
Paul & Vicki Wares
45977 Houghton Creek Road
Baker City, Oregon


541-853-2320 or 541-853-2352

eMail: dbldimon@bakervalley.net




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