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Spa Chemicals & Filters

Best Spas of Wyoming offers a full selection of everything you need to keep your spa or hot tub running in tip top condition. Stop and visit our showroom for a full selection.


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Spa Water tends to get cloudy with repeated use. Add 2 caps of Clarifier to water once a week for crystal clear water !
Our Price: $12.99

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Spa Secret
Spa Secret™ is the first non-toxic, complete spa water treatment ever developed. When used as directed, Spa Secret™ will provide you with the crystal clear, clean & healthy water.

Our Price: $12.99

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Nothing is worse than getting into a spa, turning on the air blower or jets, and being covered with sticky foam ! Ick !! One squirt of Defoamer kills all spa water surface foam.
Our Price: $12.99

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GLB – Oxy Brite

Non-Chlorine Shock: Potassium Monopersulfate This shock increases sanitizer efficiency. Add weekly for best results. Keeps water smelling fresh.
Our Price: $12.99


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