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One of Wyoming’s most knowledgeable instructional media professionals, Dr. Marvin Emrich, offers consulting services for your proposed video  productions and future meetings, and will provide information on appropriate media usage in various settings.

Marvin Emrich has an earned doctorate in Instructional Media from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.  He has been providing audio and video services to Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain Region for twenty -five years. 

Maureen Emrich has a masters degree in history and has for many years worked with Marvin in the media business and as a nutritional and weight management consultant. The Emrichs have three grown children and five grandsons. 

As former educators, Marvin and Maureen Emrich have recently added a new dimension to their business with the production of the Historic Wyoming Trails Video series.  In collaboration with well known Wyoming author and historian, Ed Bille and his daughter, Mary Hartman, the stories of the brave pioneers come to life in this new series.  The first two tapes which are now available are The Oregon, California, Mormon Trail including the Pony Express and the Cheyenne-Deadwood Trail.  The Bozeman Trail is anticipated during the summer of 2003.


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