100% Waveless – Patented Innercoil® design from shoulder to ankle responds to body weight and natural curves to provide the personalized support required for the most healthful sleep. Contoured surface cradles every curve and reduces pressure for more comfortable sleep.

• Patented Innercoil Design Responds to body weight
  and natural curves

• PatentedTri-Zone Contoured Surface Cradles every
  curve and reduces pressure

• Patented Fiber-Net Reduces abrasion and breakdown
  of Fiber Support System

• Patented Naturalizer Triple-Strength Corners
  Premium, triple-laminated vinyl for durability and
  perfect frame fit

• Patented Permaflex Safety Bottom Eliminates stress
  from the Temperature Control Unit for longer
  mattress life

• Patented Airjet+ Expels air bubbles while filling the
  mattress; equalizes pressure for faster and more
  complete draining




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